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Czech this

As a warm-up for the Ski Inter Kriterium races in the Czech resort of Ricky v Orlickych we competed in the Czech National Ski Championships. My 10th place in GS made up for a fall in the slalom and gave me and the other GB Team skiers an opportunity to get our race skis on after much travelling and a few days training.

The Inter Kriterium races started well; 16th in U14 run 1 and 13th in run 2 resulted in 15th overall amongst a strong field of racers from central and eastern Europe including Poland, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia and a few Dutch and Belgian racers. Robert Poth picked up gold in U16 Slalom, the first ever GB gold at this event.

GS on day 2 proved better for me with 6th overall in the U14 single-run race which meant a medal on the extended Czech podium.

You can check out the videos from each run here